Hello, I'm Ron Russell. Welcome to my pages.

I live with my family just outside London in the UK, and I work for an international Bank.

At various times over the last 20 or so years, I have been a Mainframe Programmer, Systems Programmer, VB Developer, NT Sysadmin, and finally, Network Analyst. (As you can see, Web design isn't something I've done much of)

I've had various hobbies over the years, but my main interest has always been motor cars. I own several boxes of bits that used 20 years ago to be a Lotus Elan +2. It now resembles a huge 3-D Jigsaw puzzle with no picture on the front of the box. When I get time (rarely), I intend to 'Crack On' with assembling the bits into a car again.

I intend to keep a record of the restoration HERE

Links to interesting Web places can be found HERE